Indigo Design : Empowering Women Through the Art of Embroidery

Indigo Design is not just about creating beautiful pieces of embroidery. It’s about empowering women to pursue and succeed in their passions.

Founded 25 years ago by Kiran Sandhu, the parent company of Tarai Blue has evolved into a team of 13 talented women who specialize in embroidery, quilting, Christmas decorations, and fabric dolls. Their skills have been honed to perfection through years of practice and hard work.

The women at Indigo Design come from surrounding villages, where opportunities for women to work and pursue their passions are few and far between. However, the company has created an environment that enables these women not only to work and earn a living but also to develop their skills and excel in their craft.

The team is led by Mamta, who oversees and assigns work to the tailor, and Krishna who works her magic with a needle, producing awe-inspiring detail. The rest of the skilled team members assist with quilting, sewing, and embroidery work.

Despite the challenge of losing talented team members whose circumstances change, Indigo Design is committed to training new generations of artisans. Here, the experienced embroiderers play a pivotal role. They impart their knowledge, skills, and techniques to the new members of the team, ensuring that the legacy of their exceptional embroidery survives for generations to come.

Indigo Design’s dedication to empowering women and preserving the art of embroidery is evident in every piece they create. By providing opportunities for women to develop their skills and flourish in their craft, the company is helping to change lives and empower women to pursue their passions.

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