We are deriving natural colours, deep enough to redefine lost memories.

“They say that the color of revolution is red. Not always. Sometimes, it’s blue.”

Meet the house of Tarai Blue

How we got here

Tarai Blue is the story of Kiran Sandhu’s rendezvous with a mysterious blue pigment.

Caught up in the magic of this indigo and childhoods spent discovering old indigo tanks around colonial planters' bungalows, she began her journey with plant-based dyes. On the very first indigo field of the Tarai plains, she now organically grows and extracts the majestic colour of indigo.

Tarai Blue was born of the desire, nay, need to share this blue gold with the world. With one of the highest indigo tint percentages in the world, we have found ourselves a home in natural-dyeing lovers across the globe.

The better we got at caring for and perfecting our indigo, the more we started experimenting with other natural dyes. Today, Tarai Blue offers dyes in every colour under the sun.

We love blending these hues with different patterns and textures to come up with the most unexpected creations. When you come to us with a pattern you saw somewhere, we love adding a little bit of ourselves to traditional tie-and-dye techniques to stitch together something that you can’t stop wearing.

Our thought process

We humans spend so much energy defying the passage of time and yet, our clothes tell a different, short-lived story. One of unsustainable materials hastily put together on machines in dingy sweatshops to feed a fleeting trend till the next ‘in vogue’ restarts the cycle of fast fashion.

At Tarai Blue, we took a pause to connect with Earth through beauty and color. Humbled by the consequences of our past, our renewed desire for organic colours and naturally-dyed fabrics has originated from conscious intentions. 

We go through laborious processes to craft an unparalleled collection of objects that can be treasured by the eco-conscious.

A sense of purity

In the foothills of the Himalayas, lie the virgin farmlands of Tarai where we grown our plant-based dyes. Every piece we create can be traced back to us, right down to the seeds used for planting.

Oozing sustainability

Our traditional methods, plant-based products, and women-led team allow us to take full accountability for what we create – not just for today but for a hundred years ahead.

Empowering women

Our products are handcrafted with utmost precision and care by expert craftswomen from surrounding villages. We are creating jobs for mothers for positive community transformation.

Socially responsible

Each of our creations is homegrown, handcrafted and naturally dyed in small batches to establish a sensible future.  

The Artisan Family

As Kiran dug deeper into natural dyeing, those around her drew on that bond with colour. Tarai Blue is now an ecosystem by itself, with local women employed in growing, harvesting and transforming plants into the colours you have all come to love.

Their ancestral knowledge, dexterity in traditional hand embroidery and appreciation of the craft make us who we are.

from the journal

The Tarai Blue community is a melting pot of natural dyers, colour enthusiasts and sustainable fashion lovers. Here are some of our stories, tips and secrets.

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