We’re taking it slow - Our take on fashion

We humans spend so much energy defying the passage of time and yet, our clothes tell a different, short-lived story. One of unsustainable materials hastily put together on machines in dingy sweatshops to feed a fleeting trend till the next ‘in vogue’ restarts the cycle of fast fashion.

The global clothing production has more than doubled since 2000 to give us our bucket hats, corsets and co-ords. With 75% of all fashion supply material ending up in landfills, we are dumping approximately 1 garbage truck of textiles per second. The dissonance between what we wear and where we come from couldn’t ring louder as we are left with generations of consumers and creators confused and eventually inconsiderate towards the Earth.

At Tarai Blue, we took a pause to rethink our relationship to clothes. Humbled by the consequences of our past, our renewed desire for organically-dyed fabrics has originated from conscious intentions. Hitting the brakes on excessive production, chasing trends and mindless consumption, we are adopting slow fashion to create clothing that lasts. Woven with the wisdom that spans centuries, our garments look, feel and behave differently. They promise to carry us into a sensible future. Our traditional methods, plant-based products, and women-led team allow us to take full accountability for what we create – not just for today but for a hundred years ahead.

Handcrafted textiles are known to be the carriers of culture – a medium for storytelling. In a world of digital natives with almost no memory of culture before screens, we want to belong to an authentic source. By working with natural dye and traditional weavers, Tarai Blue offers you a connection to communities that practice ethical consumption.

We humans spend so much energy defying the passage of time that Tarai Blue decided to play with it, bunch it up and create fabrics of memory. Pieces that are thoughtful, intentional and honest. What do you say to slowing down?

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